By Victor Hernandez, Marketing Manager at GPSLockbox

Are you aware of when is the last ELD compliance deadline? December 16th, 2019 is the final date. Keep in mind commercial drivers, that is when your (RODS) record of duty status, will no longer be accepted for using (AOBRDs) automatic on – board recording devices.

If you equipped your vehicle with an AOBRDs before December 2017, you were granted a pass to operate for 2 years. Unfortunately, our free pass is set to expire soon. You will need to account for any installation and training for your drivers, if your vehicle or fleet is not set up with ELD yet.

What’s the difference between AOBRDs and ELDs?

Both AOBRDs and ELDs are designed to record a driver’s hours and status. However, ELDs have several advantages, these are the following:

  • Location information is recorded at 60-minute intervals when the vehicle is in motion, when the driver starts and turns off the engine, when driver changes duty status, or indicates personal use/yard moves
  • Enables notifications of (HOS) hours of service warnings.
  • Synchronization to the vehicle’s engine is better defined
  • Automatic duty status updating

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